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This computer designed worm threader is easy to use and threads a worm fast & perfect. Unique needle design keeps worms alive, and can be used by young and old. When used with the handle, most handicap people can use this tool with ease. This tool is made of a tough polypropylene plastic to give extra long life. This, combined with the unique needle design, makes this tool hard to beat. The problem with most worm threaders on the market today is that they don't get used. They just sit in your tackle box! Why? Because they are hard to use. The WIGGLER Worm Tool was designed for just that reason. This easy to use worm tool makes the threading a worm easier than ever before. As the name implies, the WIGGLER Worm Tool is a tool for the fisherman. Just like a mechanic needs the finest tools, so does the fisherman. It's getting harder and harder to catch fish. This tool will improve your fishing.

"To Drape or Thread"

Whether you're fishing for BASS, CATS, or WALLEYES, when only one kind of bait is used, arguments on usage are bound to emerge. Regardless of the method used, A WELL THREAD CRAWLER stays on the hook much better than one that's just hung on. Consequently you'll save more bait by threading them on. NONETHELESS, PURE EXPERIENCE has shown that the nightcrawler is far and away the number one live bait. Why? WELL, the nightcrawler exudes an oily scent trail which is irresistible to fish. This tool, with it's unique needle design, keeps worms alive, providing you with the most realistic presentation possible.

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